At Söll we present our collection of second layers so that you can complete your Ski Clothing equipment to the maximum and protect yourself from the cold and inclement weather. Our snow jerseys and ski gilets are ideal for snow days, as they are comfortable and warm garments that will keep you warm during your day in the snow. If you are looking for extra comfort on your ski days, our garments are perfect for you. At Söll we make our men's jumpers and gilets with soft, stretchy fabrics that allow you to move freely. Check them out!  
 At Söll we work with the best materials to guarantee the comfort and durability of our products. Shop online some of our perfect garments for long snow days, outdoor trips and non-stop days in the city. 

Shop online for technical midlayers for men!

  1. GSTAAD Moonlight Blue
    GSTAAD Moonlight Blue
  2. GSTAAD White
    GSTAAD White
  3. GSTAAD Navy
    GSTAAD Navy
  4. GSTAAD Red
    GSTAAD Red
  5. ACTIVE II Moonlight Blue
    ACTIVE II Moonlight Blue
  6. ACTIVE II White
    ACTIVE II White
  7. ACTIVE II Navy
    ACTIVE II Navy
  8. ACTIVE II Black
    ACTIVE II Black
  9. ACTIVE II Red